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The Business of Styling

UK's styling gurus are bringing their craft to Melbourne's stylists. The Business of Styling is something the girls at StyleMy are very passionate about. As established stylists for over a decade they have seen the industry grown, but not as fast as they would like, compared to other emerging services. Something that they believe they still continue to come up against is lack of understanding about the personal styling service and what is expected both from a stylist and client.

Founders Elin Mai, the Director of the UK's most successful personal styling company, Style Doctors, and Tanja Mrnjaus, Style Director of an international styling consultancy ID Couture, have styled individuals, within corporate sectors and having taught in training faculties have cultivated enough data and feedback to focus on the real stylist matters crucial for business success. Their aim is to support a healthy and expanding styling industry where the stylist and the client know the level of exchange.

Like any other profession there are clear pathways from training to practice and delivery. What StyleMy are aiming for is to provide an industry standard of approval for operating personal stylists to ensure both the client and stylist know what is expected from each service booked. We believe that hiring a stylist should be as common as seeing any expert in any field. It should in fact be as accessible as going to a hairdresser, hiring an accountant or seeing a GP. There is little more important than the way you feel about yourself.

As a client if you feel like putting outfits together is not something you enjoy or that your outfit choices are holding you back, seek out a professional! There is a stylist to suit every budget.

StyleMy provide each of our Stylist Masterclass and workshop attendees with job readiness training and opportunities to hone new skills and step by step process for launching or streamlining your personal styling business.

To find out more about our Australian Stylist Masterclasses in Melbourne and Brisbane view our site StyleMy

Elin & Tanja