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Melbourne’s On-trend Wall Fashion

We, Melbournians, are a proud bunch. Why wouldn’t we be living in the most liveable city in the world?! We are well aware that Melbourne the fashion capital of Australia. We love to discover and set new trends, and are well-travelled, cosmopolitan bunch, downing our café lattes at the Paris end of Collins, or sipping red wine on roof top bars reminiscent of New York – Only in summer of course, anyone that has been to Melbourne in winter knows we are roughing it… by Australian standards.

Thanks to the clever folks at Modern Map Art, who have come up with the latest trend in wall fashion - map art, our patriotism can expand beyond strutting our stuff in the latest Melbourne designer wear. Now you can have your favourite city (Melbourne of course) make a statement in your home... and also serve as a reminder of which city you are actually in as you hibernate away in winter.

Of course once you have Melbourne taking the the prime wall real-estate at your pad, you can style the rest of the walls with your favourite cities from your travels. Collect them all!

Modern Map Art has over 500 cities listed an available to print to order, and if your city is not there, they will custom print it for you.

Jennifer, the woman behind the concepts, inspired by her world travel and a love for maps, started using city grids and imagery to put together with colours that represented that city to create posters and art that would look good in anyone's home or office.

Though the prints are printed in Los Angeles, we felt that the Melbourne map prints are a must have for Melbournians and lovers of Melbourne!

The prints come in 2 different colour options-

Classy black and white:

And Aussie'esque green and gold:

Get your map art here.

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