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MERAKI - Pop Up Studio

Photographer: Hannah Roche


Keeping it local is a key indicator of what this exciting new label can be described as. Born and bred in Melbourne, Meraki Collections is an ethical label aimed at supporting local supporters and manufactures. Inspired by the presence of the slow fashion movement, the label is committed to designing timeless pieces that should withstand seasonal trends and be kept as a timeless piece for years to come. Meraki Collections is represented by its neutral and minimalist aesthetics and it's ‘simple yet significant’ style. Appreciation for classic, tasteful and well made garments are qualities that shape the brand , not to mention the importance of high quality textiles and supreme manufacturing.

Photographer: Hannah Roche

Founder of Meraki Collections Dayana Adones expresses for ethical and sustainable fashion, stating that her relationship with clothes has become more meaningful based on the surroundings and appreciation for the people behind the clothes. The importance of sustainability to Dayana Adones is well reflected through her clean cut designs where garments are designed with multiple functionality such as the reversible Harper coat.

With the constant improvement of alternative materials and technology, designers no longer have an excuse to not focus on sustainable fashion. Melbourne is fast becoming a leading example of a city that is moving towards being a sustainable city. As a passionate music and art loved city, Melbourne is the perfect place to nurture brands like Meraki Collections, as a growing number of local designers are beginning to put an emphasis on sustainable and ethical clothing.

Watch this space and expect big things from this label! The future's looking bright for Australian fashion.


Ghost and Meraki Collections are collaborating together to celebrate the launch. The Launch Party will be held on Thursday 23rd June from 6pm-9pm, held at Allpress Studios on Rupert Street.

All clothing and ceramics will be available to purchase with an exclusive 10% off offer.

Meraki Collection’s Pop Up event will be held from Friday 24th to the 25th June from 8am-5pm.



Words: Rebecca Riley